Fastback 25

I ordered some torx screws to replace the philips screws in the aircraft. Here there are after organizing.


With temperatures outside in the 90s, the hangar is probably well over 110 in the day. The working time for the fast hardener is about 15 seconds, and given I have a substantial amount of fiberglass work ahead of me, I decided to save myself the excruciating effort of running all over the place in a race against time. I bought the slow hardener. And in this heat, its not really “slow”.


I also bought the hysol adhesive that will be used to adhere the canopy to the canopy skirt.


First project for today was to cut and drill the hinge cover. I placed the hinge in position, got a good measure of its correct positioning, and then removed the hinge for drilling. I held the two parts together and used the hinge to match drill.


I’m very happy with the results. Its a near perfect seal when installed.

IMG_0815 IMG_0817 IMG_0820

My final project for the evening was to prepare and fasten the forward canopy skirt bulkhead. Show Planes provides honeycomb inserts for this, and they are bonded using a mixture of flox. It took quite some time to get things fitting just perfectly. Patience and incremental adjustment is key for this work. When you move one part, you invariably move another.


Here you can see the flox mixture in place with the canopy skirt closed and clamped into position.


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