So tonight I used the Bullock Method for wing jacks to support the spars from sagging on the stand.  The Bullock Method, as I’ve named it, is pretty simple.  A couple blocks of wood and a long bolt make a very quick and effective adjustable jack stand.  I refuse to buy stuff if I don’t need it, and this was no exception.  I had most of the hardware laying around including the wood. Its even easier if you have your dog do the work!20131028-194344.jpg

Here is the result. 20131028-194356.jpgFinally, I ordered some parts from Van’s Aircraft.  I bought the replacement parts for the tie down brackets I messed up, 50′ of conduit, and the proper screw eyes for the tie downs.  Hopefully it will arrive before the weekend.


New Tools

I made a run to Harbor Freight earlier this week with two things in mind.  A cart for working on the plane, and a mechanic’s 301 piece tool set.  I know what you’re thinking… you bought a socket set at Harbor Freight?!?!?!  Yes, yes I did.  I did some research online and several sites did some testing, turns out the Pittsburgh hand tools from HF ranked just as good as Craftsman and Kobalt for a better price.  More than that, the 301 piece tool kit was ranked as the best kit under $200 dollars in one article  HF now also has a lifetime warranty on all hand tools, and since I’ve already got a binder for airplane receipts, I’m confident I’ll be able to save this receipt.  Sears is in serious financial trouble, so who knows how much that warranty is worth?

I also got a few more clamps and a fatigue mat for where I’ll be standing.  Finally I stopped at the dollar store for a ton of small baskets and tupperware bins for tool and part organization.  All told I spent $12 bucks for about almost 40 small baskets.

Here is the cart I bought prior to assembly. 20130928-222802.jpg

Fatigue mat. 20130928-222819.jpg

Cart assembled and ready for work on the wings. 20130928-222833.jpg

You can see a few of my cheap dollar store baskets on the right both on top and in the drawer. 20130928-222935.jpg

Here is one of the storage peices from the 301 piece mechanic’s tool set.  The storage container were so nice, I couldn’t see not using them so I had to do some major reorganizing of my tool chest. 20130928-222948.jpg


Drill bits got the dollar store treatment. 20130928-223014.jpg



These are the baskets I still haven’t used!20130928-223049.jpg