New Tools

I made a run to Harbor Freight earlier this week with two things in mind.  A cart for working on the plane, and a mechanic’s 301 piece tool set.  I know what you’re thinking… you bought a socket set at Harbor Freight?!?!?!  Yes, yes I did.  I did some research online and several sites did some testing, turns out the Pittsburgh hand tools from HF ranked just as good as Craftsman and Kobalt for a better price.  More than that, the 301 piece tool kit was ranked as the best kit under $200 dollars in one article  HF now also has a lifetime warranty on all hand tools, and since I’ve already got a binder for airplane receipts, I’m confident I’ll be able to save this receipt.  Sears is in serious financial trouble, so who knows how much that warranty is worth?

I also got a few more clamps and a fatigue mat for where I’ll be standing.  Finally I stopped at the dollar store for a ton of small baskets and tupperware bins for tool and part organization.  All told I spent $12 bucks for about almost 40 small baskets.

Here is the cart I bought prior to assembly. 20130928-222802.jpg

Fatigue mat. 20130928-222819.jpg

Cart assembled and ready for work on the wings. 20130928-222833.jpg

You can see a few of my cheap dollar store baskets on the right both on top and in the drawer. 20130928-222935.jpg

Here is one of the storage peices from the 301 piece mechanic’s tool set.  The storage container were so nice, I couldn’t see not using them so I had to do some major reorganizing of my tool chest. 20130928-222948.jpg


Drill bits got the dollar store treatment. 20130928-223014.jpg



These are the baskets I still haven’t used!20130928-223049.jpg

New Tools from Harbor Freight

I stopped at Harbor Freight for a few nice to have tools. I bought a bench drill press, a plastic storage bin for rivets etc, several clamps, new screwdrivers and some rags. Unfortunately I forgot a new pop rivet puller. I also ordered a Park Tools TW-1 torque wrench from Amazon. 0-60 inch pounds. It was recommended on Van’s Airforce, and is designed for bicycles.



Workbench Improvement

Three quick projects for today.

First I added adjustable feet to all of the workbench legs. Not only is the garage floor not level but the two work benches are slightly different. When they abut one another there was a slight lip. By adding the feet, I’m able to level the workbenches and square their heights wherever I move them.

Second, I added the back riveting plate to one of the benches. I didn’t center it as I wanted it centered on the two work benches instead. I’d call the installation semi permanent since I used some wood glue to ensure nothing settled. I wanted to make sure the plate was just a hair higher than the surrounding surface. This way it can settle some after riveting. I’m also concerned that a small drop can lead to stretching the skin.

Finally, I built a new table meant for the c-frame. The new table is designed to go between the two workbenches either longways or end to end. The addition of adjustable feet means I can adjust the c-frame height regardless of the die being used. Dimpling and back riveting will be much easier after today!

Of course, I still need to fabricate a wing stand… All in due time.