RV-8 Fastback

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img_4793.jpgThis website details my adventures in aviation to include the building of a Van’s Aircraft RV-8, a single engine, two seat, tail-wheel, fully aerobatic, and cross country capable plane that strives to achieve “Total Performance.” This blog exists as a way to share my experiences with friends, family, and other builders. Building a plane is a huge undertaking, and this site is my opportunity to pass it forward.

Current Update as of May 21, 2019:  After a long hiatus, I am working hard to get my new shop in order so the build can get back on track. The overly long hiatus has been due to the purchase of a new home, construction of a new garage & barn, and significant amounts of flight training. In this interim, I have completed my tailwheel endorsement, CFI, CFI-I, Commercial Multi-Engine Add-on and my MEI. I I also completed my Rotorcraft-Helicopter Private Pilot Add-on and my Instrument Helicopter Add-on. I will likely continue for my commercial add-on and CFI-H. As the shop comes together, I’ll be picking up where I left off with the canopy skirt.

I am fully detailing all the work required for the Show Planes Fastback Build in a separate page. Check it out here. 

I am also now separating my index pages into various topics. All my flight activities, to include helicopter training, can be found here.



Shop Update (12/21/2019) - New shop setup is nearing completion. It will be soon time to get back to building!!!!
Empennage Fairing 3 (9/27/2019) - New tailwheel parts arrived. Finishing work on fiberglass fairing. Installation of aluminum fairing under horizontal stab.
Canopy Work and New Toys (9/26/2019) - Canopy cleanup and final work - and new purchases!
Empennage Fairing 2 (9/20/2019) - Fairing finishing work.
Triple Tree Fly-in (9/8/2019) - Mike Bullock and I fly to the Triple Tree Flying - Woodruff, SC @ SC00
Helicopter Intro for my mum (9/5/2019) - I took my mother for her first helicopter flight, and a tour of some of the places I grew up.
Empennage Fairing 1 (8/25/2019) - Fitting the empennage fairing to the fastback.


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