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This website details my adventures in aviation to include the building of a Van’s Aircraft RV-8, a single engine, two seat, tail-wheel, fully aerobatic, and cross country capable plane that strives to achieve “Total Performance.” This blog exists as a way to share my experiences with friends, family, and other builders. Building a plane is a huge undertaking, and this site is my opportunity to pass it forward.

I have recently completed my tailwheel endorsementCFICFI-ICommercial Multi-Engine Add-on and MEI. I also completed a Rotorcraft-Helicopter Private Pilot Add-on, an Instrument Helicopter Add-on, and finally the Commercial Helicopter Pilot Add-on. I will go for my CFI-H, as soon as coronavirus allows. As the shop comes together, I’ll be picking up where I left off with the canopy skirt.

I am fully detailing all the work required for the Show Planes Fastback Build in a separate page. Check it out here. 

Index pages are also being separated into various topics. All my flight activities, to include helicopter training, can be found here.


Empennage Misc (5/13/2020) [6 Hours] - Empennage fairing trimming, vertical stab tip fiberglass, and rudder bottom fairing work to include strobe installation.
Empennage Fairing 4 (5/13/2020) [2 Hours] - Checking the fit of the empennage fairing with elevators installed.
Bullock flies the R-44! (2/23/2020) - Mike Bullock gets his hands on the controls of a Robinson R-44 helicopter followed by a flight to Easton and the first RV grin for CFI Sean!
Helo lunch with Maja (2/21/2020) - Wifey and I go to lunch at KLNS in the Robinson R-44
Dad and Uncle Joe (2/9/2020) - My Dad and I take my Uncle Joe for his first helicopter flight.
Solo over York County (1/26/2020) - Solo flying the R-22 around York County PA.
Yard Hopping (12/30/2019) - Flying around to multiple locations with multiple friends and family.
Ski Whitetail in the R-44 (12/23/2019) - Tom and I fly the 44 over the local ski resorts, an abandoned cold war communications facility, and a still operating facility.
The Snyder Family (10/16/2019) - Taking the entire Snyder clan for rides in the R-22 at KDMW.
Eastern shore R-22 with Steven (10/5/2019) - KFDK to pickup Steven at KFME and then onwards to lunch at KESN - Easton and Sugar Buns Cafe.


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