N-Number, Inspection Panels, & Misc

Little details here and there. First, my N-Number stickers arrived from Aircraft Spruce. Needed to get those on. Pretty quick and easy. I’ve gone with the smaller numbers for now, but my paint scheme will include 12″ numbers so that international travel doesn’t require any temporary stickers.

I also started reinstalling all of the fairings, inspections panels, baggage compartment panels, seats etc. Everything needs to be on the aircraft for weight and balance, which at this point is essentially my last remaining item for airworthiness inspection.

Not pictured here, but during my reinstallation of panels, I found a couple gripes. First there were 4 rivets that were missing from aft of the rear access panel. There were also 4 bolts that needed to be installed in the gear towers. I had removed them for installation of the vent lines and gear hardware. There was also one bolt that required final torque. They were, of course, difficult to get to, but I got them installed and torqued.

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