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Canopy Work and New Toys

Not a ton to report in this post. I started reviewing my work on the canopy to figure out exactly what remained. I had not attached the hinge cover that blocks air so I attached that. I removed tape and prepared the final portions of the canopy. I didn’t document this with photos well.



I also did some work on the instrument panel cover.

My current approach to work is to finish remaining work on the tail and the wings so that I can concentrate on the firewall forward etc. To that end, I made a number of purchases this week.

First, I bought the Garmin heated pitot tube (unregulated.)


Next, I bought the ACK ELT.


I also bought almost all of my lighting requirements from This included the 9000 lumen Seven Stars landing light (here’s the heat sink). The wingtip nav and strobe lights. (not shown)


The tail strobe.


I also bought the JD Air tailwheel arm, and still in the mail is a Doug Bell tailwheel fork. Also not pictured is the Archer wingtip VOR antenna. I only bought one landing light, as I wanted to see the build quality, and test the light against the Baja designs lights before committing to two. These purchases get me a lot closer to having most of the components required to complete the tail and wings.


Fastback 59

Not too much to tell tonight. I completed sanding off the adhesive and then added more! Using a syringe I added adhesive to each cleco hole. It’s a very small amount and I was careful to not overdo it. Sanding this should be light work and then I can glass the seamsIMG_5212IMG_5213IMG_5214