Fastback 26

The forward bulkhead is nice and secure. I had applied pressure in a few points overnight in an attempt to make the front of the canopy as true as possible. I’m very happy with the results. There are a few areas that will need further adjustment later on, but for now I can forge ahead.


I have an Independence Day cookout to attend this afternoon, so I didn’t have much time. I wanted to get the rear bulkhead fastened with flox, so that I could move on to the center bulkhead tomorrow when I have a full day to work. Just like the forward bulkead, it should be 1/4 inch away from the fuselage bulkhead. I used popsicle sticks as my buffer. 4 sticks is exactly 1/4 inch. I secured them with packing tape so that they wouldn’t adhere to any overflowing flox. Given the rear tilt of this bulkhead, I full suspect it will leak in that direction.


I clamped it in position, applied flox, and closed the canopy skirt. I secured the canopy skirt with tape.


Here is the rear bulkhead after applying the flox.


I grabbed some small wooden coffee stirrers at the hotel during my last trip. The small size was perfect for applying flox in some of the gaps and creating a small fillet. I only have 3, so I’ll have to check on Amazon for a cheap box.

IMG_0830_1 IMG_0829_1

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