Elevators 4 (2.0 hrs)

Tonight I finished all of the final drilling and removed all of the stiffeners.  I have labeled each stiffener according to position and elevator. (ex. G, RB for right bottom)  Knowing that the labels will be removed as I clean the stiffeners for priming, I labeled their location on my priming table.  As long as I don’t move things around haphazardly, I can keep track of all the pieces.  After labeling, I was able to deburr all the holes and get about 2/3 of the scotchbrite priming prep done on the stiffeners.  I will still need to scotchbrite the remaining stiffeners, the rudder skeleton, and the interiors of the elevator skins before I clean and then prime.  I’m hoping to be done the priming process and maybe even get to riveting this weekend.  20130509-195242.jpg

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