Elevators 5 (2.0 hrs)

I’m not sure why, but when I wrote the last post, I completely forgot that I still had all of the dimpling to do for the elevators prior to priming…

Anyways, tonight I finished the priming prep of the stiffeners with scotchbrite pads.  I also used the scotchbrite on all of the rudder skeleton parts.  After all that scrubbing, I dimpled all of the stiffeners and set the garage up for dimpling the elevator skins.

Here are the rudder parts after scotchbrite.20130510-193651.jpg

Here’s a blurry shot of the stiffeners after dimpling.  I’ve kept them organized in rows so that I won’t lose track of them even if the markings are striped off or primed over.20130510-193700.jpg

Finally, I moved the benches next to one another instead of forming one long bench.  This allows me to better support the skins and prevents dents, scratches, and mistakes while dimpling with the c-frame. 20130510-193707.jpg

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