Site Update

My apologies to anyone who may have been trying to access my site over the past few days. I realized that the old site was not completely responsive on mobile, so I wanted to update it accordingly. In the process I became distracted and decided to completely redo the look and format. The organization of the site remains the same, but there have been several improvements. The site is now completely responsive and displays beautifully on tablets and mobile devices. Furthermore, I made a static home page with snippets of recent posts.

If you check out the media page you will see I now have gallery viewers for both Vimeo and YouTube channels. The photos are gone. There are just too many to keep up with. When N9FX flies, I’ll go back and make a slideshow of the best photos along the way. Until then… no more photos on the media page.

Additionally, you will notice that photos now pop out instead of linking to a image source page. This looks great on a desktop, but I’m always a little leary of this feature on mobile devices. It works ok on my iOS device, but I’ve not tested on anything other than the iPhone 6 screen size.

Also, I added a page for an Amazon a-store. I’ve added every item I’ve bought for the RV project to the list of items on that page. If I didn’t buy it, I didn’t put it on there. If you have questions about anything, such as why I bought a particular product, let me know.

I also made several behind the scenes tweaks. I divided the function for totaling hours between the three categories of build, flying, and maintenance. (Previously while three were shown, I was only calculating one). I also customized the input panel to streamline it for my RV build. I also created a child theme and linked it to a git repository so that my custom code isn’t over-ridden by updates, and so that I can implement some version control. There are several other under the hood changes that I’m sure only I care about. 🙂

All in all, I’m very happy with the new look. One day this site will be more than just my build log, and I want to maintain as much functionality as possible. Cheers – PLB

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