Service Bulletin 14-01-31 (3)

Today was the monthly EAA Chapter meeting.┬áSo that ate into my plane building time. My goal was to completely remove both angles from the from spar. Unfortunately, this meant dealing with the problem rivets from my previous session. I didn’t take any pictures during removal, but here are several photos from after the fact. The method I used for the trouble rivets was a file and super small drill bits. I filed them down as smooth as I could, and then using a punch and a small drill bit slowly worked the bit back to center. Eventually I was able to get them out. Every single rivet came out without having to enlarge the holes in the spar.

One hole in one angle is slightly enlarged. The following two photos are provided as a comparison for the slightly enlarged hole. The first photo has a 1/8″ punch inserted in a hole without any expansion.

The second has the same 1/8″ punch inserted in the slightly expanded hole. I’m undecided what to do about this.

A slight deformation from removing the last rivet in the spar on the bottom. Nothing to worry about.

Here are the two trouble rivets. The hole is not oblong all the way through, but the top looks a little nasty. I’m considering replacing this angle.

Here are both of the angles from above. The zoomed in photos above may make the problems look worse than they are.

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