Shop Update

As my two readers of this blog will know by now, I have been on a bit of a hiatus from building due to lots of other aviation activities, and due to multiple projects at our new (now 2+ years) home. The major project has been the construction of a new barn that has a 3 car garage / workshop. This workshop is the new home of my RV project. I had a company build the shell, but I have done the majority of the interior work from heating to plumbing and electricity myself. As a result – its taken me awhile, and distracted me from airplane building.

Luckily, the shop project is nearing its final stages. I have begun setting it up for airplane building again, and hope to be back at it again very soon!

I’m not going to go through everything I’ve done in this building. But I will point out that my buddy Chad and I installed a boiler and radiant heat in the concrete slab. The winter shop hours are going to be awesome!!

I modified my EAA benches so that I could sit behind them with my Dad’s old bar stools.


I need a lot of storage for airplane parts and regular farm / garage items. I built two large sets of shelves to add to my one existing shelf. I now have two 6′ high shelves with each shelf measuring 2 feet deep and 4 feet wide. I have one set of shelves that is 7′ tall, 2′ deep, and 5′ wide.


I also built a small workbench / shelf that is built into the wall on the end of the shop.


Here is the completed build in. Notice the ethernet plug (I have wifi piped from the house via a ubiquiti – just like my hangar) and I have the ceiling wired for 4 built in speakers.


After all of the construction, I have scrap wood everywhere. I’ve been trying to use up as much of it as I can in building various shelves etc. I had some small pieces left, and being vertically challenged, I quickly threw together a stool to stand on.


Here she is – moved into her new working position. You can really see that the shop is getting close to being usable here!


This is the larger set of shelves I built for the back of the workshop.


I added another shelf higher up for more storage.


Not related to the RV, but I had to do something with my ladders. Scrap wood to the rescue again!


As you can see I’ve made several trips to the hangar for airplane pats and tools. I don’t have everything moved back, but its getting really close. I’m starting to get excited about the project again!



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I haven’t been very active working on the project, but for good reason. As I mentioned previously, my wife and I are building a barn that includes a three car garage workshop. I debated for quite some time whether I should move the plane back to the barn when it is complete, or keep it at the airport. I decided that bringing the plane home would result in the most comfortable work arrangement and the quickest progress. The downside is that I’d have to complete the garage first – which is a big undertaking. Its going to be at least a three month delay in total. I plan to have the plane moved back by late January.

So far I have completed the barn side of the building. I have also trenched and installed the water and electric lines. Now that I have the horses settled and power and water its time to turn my attention to the garage itself. First I am going to tackle the ceiling and then the floor. I have a very healthy Christmas break courtesy of a new policy at work that gives us the entire week off between Christmas and New Years. During that week I plan to pour the concrete. That will give me a few weeks while the concrete cures to do the walls and garage doors before I begin using the space.

Here are some photos of all the progress:


Here is the future home of the RV Project!!




I borrowed a friends kubota with a backhoe attachment. It took me about 16 hours to dig the 250 feet of 4′ deep trench for the water. Then I had to backfill to a depth of 18″ for the electric installation. It was a big project – and the weather did NOT cooperate.


Installing the automatic water for the horse paddock was a beast. That culvert is 8′ long and 1100 lbs. The culvert brings ground heat up from below the frost line to prevent water line freeze.


The only thing remaining on the barn side are the dutch doors – which have not arrived yet.


Oh, and I somehow found time to get my Commercial Multi-Engine add-on knocked out. I’ll try and post notes at some point.


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Past 6 Months

Unfortunately, I’ve been somewhat absent from this website and my build for the past 6 months. There are several reasons for this. First and foremost my wife and I bought a new home with some acreage for the horse. It needs some TLC, and so I’ve been tending to multiple projects.

Among these projects has been clearing away bushes and trees that have been out of control for years. You can see the porch is completely overgrown.

Here’s an early shot after taking out the bushes. There is even less there now.

We also started installing fencing. 

Painting the fencing while enjoying some good beer. 

My father and Mike Bullock helped Maja and I build a run-in shed. 

Here’s a photo of helper’s Mike and my Dad. 

I also bought an engine! See more about that in a separate post. 

And all of this was on top of being back in school while doing my CFI (complete) CFII (Soon) Multi-Engine Add-on (Soon) and MEI (Soon after the others!)