Daily Archives: May 18, 2023

FAA Updates to Phase 1 Testing – Task Based Testing Approved

EAA News Release

FAA Memo No AIR-600-DM04

The FAA recently approved a modification to Experimental Amateur Built Operating Limitations that allow builders to follow a task-based process to flight testing in lieu of simply flying for 40 hours during Phase 1. I spoke to my DAR and he was aware of the change, and plans to issue my operating limitations accordingly. I plan to follow the task based testing approach. I see no downsides to following a careful and considered testing procedure.

FAA’s guidance on the testing procedures is in AC 90-89C Amateur-Built Aircraft and Ultralight Flight Testing Handbook.

You can also get the EAA’s Flight Test Manual and Test Cards.

Airworthiness Application

I have selected a DAR – who has been extremely helpful in the process, and my final inspection is scheduled for May 25, 2025. (I don’t want to mention the DAR by name without his explicit permission.) I have submitted my application. I have included redacted versions of the paperwork submitted here hopefully to help folks out. You also need to include weight and balance and a three view drawing or photos.

Get the EAA’s Amateur-Built Certification Kit. It makes it dummy proof. EAA also has a video on the AWC application. Its actually pretty helpful, as there are questions – that I wouldn’t have a clue how to answer.