Wings 7 (2.0 hrs)

I finished one of the two tie down brackets tonight.  The picture below shows the completed tie down bracket after I installed and torqued the bolts.  Unfortunately I could not finish the other tie down bracket because I’m out of AN426 3-7 rivets.  I will have to steal some from another builder or have some sent in my next batch of items from Van’s.  It will be awhile before I’m not able to access that part of the plane so I’ve got time. 20131104-174840.jpg

Here is the other bracket waiting for rivets…20131104-174850.jpg

After the brackets were complete, I set about measuring and cutting the wing walk doublers.  I used a set of tin snips my buddy Denny got for me and then a file to make the dimensions as close to perfect as possible.  I’m a visual person and I had a pretty good idea how the doublers were installed, but since the skins are next, I started hanging the top skins to check the doubler and gain an understanding of how everything is fitting together. 20131104-174904.jpg

Here is one of the two wing walk doublers I made tonight.  All in all a good night in the shop.  On a side note, my wife Maria got her US citizenship today!!!20131104-174915.jpg

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