Wings 6 (12.0 hrs)

Not a lot of pictures or proper updating for the blog this weekend.  I’ve combined two sessions into one post.

On Saturday, Jack Savage agreed to help me rivet the spars and ribs together.  One person can do it, but it is much quicker and easier to do it with two people.  One person is fairly likely to make a mistake too.

On Sunday, I made sure the wings were perfectly true using the digital level and some plumb bobs.  This required the installation of the bottom brackets to hold the wing in proper position.  I will probably check everything again before drilling and riveting skins.  I figure the more detailed I am about this now, the less likely I am to have a problem down the road.  I also remade the tie down brackets.  After fabrication, I primed them with the self etching primer in a can I bought for just such occasions.  I was dismayed to learn however, that I do not have enough of the AN426 3-7 rivets required for installation.  No worries.  I will finish what I can and order some from Van’s.  I have a list of other things I need to order anyways. (Like proseal for the tanks!)20131104-144515.jpg

Here is the 50′ of conduit I bought from Van’s for the wing wiring.20131104-144529.jpg

Here’s where the conduit will go.  I’m not installing it just yet though. 20131104-144704.jpg

Wings and plumb bobs.20131104-144720.jpg

1 8/32″ on this end…20131104-144739.jpg

1 8/32″ on the other end…20131104-144752.jpg

Here is my next task.  The wing walk doublers…20131104-144803.jpg

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