Wings 8 (4.0 hrs)

Happy 238th Marine Corps Birthday Marines, and Semper Fidelis!

Today, I drilled the wing walk doublers and clecoed the top skins to the skeleton.  I had enough clecos to do the top of the left wing and half of the top on the right wing.  I called Jack Savage, and he agreed to lend me his clecos.  He’s got a ton, and I should be able to cleco all 8 skins.  Unfortunately, I forgot that I also still need 8 pesky AN426AD3-7 rivets to complete the second tie down bracket!  I guarantee Jack would have some handy, so I was fairly pissed when I remembered.

It might not seem like much got done, but that is a lot of clecos to install!20131110-202604.jpg



I hung the bottom skins, but only did part of the clecoing.  Tomorrow was a light day in the shop.  Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day and I have off work, so I’ll make a fair amount of progress.20131110-202644.jpg

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