Wings 26 (4.0 hrs)

I started off today by finishing the installation of the stall warning assembly.  The instructions call for pop rivets, although others go with solid rivets.  Its not structural so I see no reason to not use pop rivets.20140615-192314-69794957.jpg

Here is an enlarged view of the hole for the stall warning vane.  I still need to do a little cleaning up with the file.  You can’t really tell unless you get really close, but it bothers me nonetheless.   20140615-192312-69792970.jpg





Here is the cable that will connect the stall warning back to the cockpit.  The instructions call for 8.5 feet.  I always leave extra in the event of changes or mistakes so I left 10 feet. 20140615-192600-69960361.jpg

Next up its time to rivet the leading edge of the left wing. 20140615-192602-69962543.jpg

Van’s instructions call for you to rivet the rear row of rivets with a squeezer and then work forward toward the leading edge which is contrary to how I normally rivet a skin. 20140617-131424-47664210.jpg

Here are the rivets I squeezed first. 20140617-131422-47662014.jpg20140617-131635-47795736.jpg

The leading edge still needs to be riveted to the spar. 20140617-131637-47797327.jpg

Next I worked on the scarf joint.  I decided I can’t quite finish it until the fuel tanks are attached, as I want to be able to do a final check against the flush skins. 20140617-131734-47854369.jpg

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