Wings 25 (0.5 hrs)

I regret not taking pictures during the assembly of the stall warning, however I have several pictures of the completed product.  In the last shop session, I countersunk and primed the required parts, so today was quick. I riveted the two nutplates and put the assembly together. A few notes for anyone assembling this part below. 20140608-092539-33939116.jpgVan’s instructs you not to over torque this bolt.  The stall warning vane must move freely so you can’t over tighten.  Avoid over tightening the other two bolts as well. 20140608-092537-33937379.jpg


20140608-092603-33963867.jpgAlso, don’t forget to ensure your grounding wire has a good contact point.  I used a little scotchbrite to remove the primer. 20140608-092608-33968052.jpg

20140608-092606-33966084.jpgI wanted to install the assembly in the leading edge today, but found that there is currently interference between the skin and the vane.  I will need to play around with the bracket alignment and possibly do a little more filing for clearance during the next session.

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