Wing Spars 5 (1.0 hrs)

I went back to the shop this afternoon and finished up all of the nut plate riveting.  Its about time… that took awhile!  A quick dab of primer and I was done. Next I started on the tie down brackets, but didn’t get any further than cutting the spacers.  I finished up with a good shop cleanup.

Here is the tie down W-726 ready to be cut.20130929-171745.jpg

I’m not sure if I ever posted about the HF air cutter pictured here.  It was $9!  About a month ago, it started not shutting off…. the cutting disc would continue to spin and air ran continuously regardless of the handle position.  I tried some oil since it looked like it was sticking to no avail.  When I took it apart, I discovered an o-ring that had torn.  $0.55 later an o-ring from the local Ace got it working like new.  This tool has already worked past its expected life time at $9… great deal, and really not a bad tool. 20130929-171756.jpg

That is a lot of nut plates!20130929-171816.jpg


Here are the two nut plates that fasten to the front of the spar.  Note the warning sticker.  Some guys at the airport were telling horror stories about this… apparently this sticker didn’t use to be here, and they learned the hard way not to ream the holes….20130929-171840.jpg


Here are the two spacers cut and the other main piece of the tie down bracket.  These tie down brackets need to be 7 & 15/32″ long.  The pieces shipped as shown here at 7 & 17/32.  Seriously??  I have to trim 1/16th?  Normally I wouldn’t even try to trim that much I’d just use the scotchbrite wheel, but thats a lot of work in this case for the scotchbrite wheel, so I’ll probably trim just a hair off and then hit it with the wheel. 20130929-171905.jpg

The empennage and fuselage instructions are written like a series of bulletized steps.  The wings are in paragraph form, and you really need to read more than one line at a time.  I recommend reading at least a page ahead, and a few paragraphs ahead several times.  I use a highlighter to mark what I’ve completed so far. If its not complete, or something I should pay attention to later, I leave it unhighlighted.  Works well. 20130929-171913.jpg

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