Fuel Tanks 29 (3.5 hrs)

Mike Rollison was kind enough to lend me his drill press so that I could finally drill the holes for the access plates in the fuel tank baffle.  This would allow me access to remove the remaining rivet pieces for the incorrectly installed z-bracket mess-up.IMG_6280.JPG

Here is the drill press with the circle cutter installed. IMG_6281.JPG

I marked the centerpoint. IMG_6282.JPG

Using the wing cradle I pivoted the head of the drill press 180 degrees and cut a perfect hole. IMG_6283.JPG

I originally intended to do only two access plates. I would then use my cheap borescope to check all compartments.  Upon a little more reflection, I saw now harm in doing four access plates and ensuring I had every single bit of debris out of both tanks.  The peace of mind is well worth the effort.  Before I install the plates with pro-seal I will use my mirrors and borescope camera to thorough check every single part of the interior of the tank. IMG_6284.JPG


Next I measured out where the plates would be and double check to make sure I had all the spacing correct. IMG_6287.JPG

I drilled each plate in place. IMG_6288.JPG

I’ve been meaning to buy a shop vac for the hangar for a long time.  This was the perfect excuse… I needed to be able to clean all the metal bits from the drilling etc from the tanks.IMG_6289.JPGMy final task for the day was to deburr all the edges and holes for the access plates.  Everything is ready for pro-seal.  I just need to order some new pro-seal and clean the surfaces with acetone or MEK. Then the tanks should be ready for leak checking and final install!  Only took a year!!


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