Wings 36 (6.0 hrs)

First order of business for today was to move my empennage to the new hangar.  Previously I had created a way to hang the tail feathers from one of the beams.  However, the beams in the new hangar are wider, and lower.  It didn’t require much of a change though. IMG_6263.JPG

I had to install two bits of two by four to ensure the parts remain level and don’t fall with the additional width of the beam.  I still need to secure the vertical stab as I always worry that its much more prone to falling than the horizontal stab.IMG_6265.JPG

Next up I finished the riveting of the aileron gap fairing and flap brace for the right wing.IMG_6266.JPG




I swapped the wings and completed riveting the top skin to the rear spar on the left wing. I used the mushroom rivet set and tungsten bucking bar. IMG_6268.JPG

Next I I countersunk the aileron hinge brackets, and riveted them together. IMG_6269.JPG



I riveted both aileron hinge brackets to the rear spar. AN470 4-7s are just a tad long. A 6.5 would be perfect, and if you make a small riveting mistake its easy to get a bad shop head. IMG_6272.JPG


My final task for the day was to begin fitting the aileron gap fairing and flap brace on the right wing. IMG_6274.JPG

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