Fuel Tanks 12 (4.0 hrs)

Fuel tank trap doors.  I actually made these twice. I wasn’t happy with the first set.  The hinge pin was bent on both ends and the resulting doors didn’t quite swing freely enough, so I removed the pins and redid the upper portion of the hinge.  This time around I also used a small shim behind the plate that helps the door lay flat.  The hinge pin is only bent on one side… the baffle (and some proseal) will prevent it from coming out.  20140125-185242.jpg


I didn’t make these today.  Jack and I made them during the last session in the shop, but I had forgotten to take pictures so here they are.  These are the anti-hangup guides for the flop tubes.  There are two more anti-hangup guides, but I will fabricate and install those after the ribs are riveted in place. 20140125-185259.jpg

I started preparing to rivet and seal the stiffeners by cleaning all the mating surfaces and rivets with MEK.  This afternoon I bought some cheap veterinary syringes and tongue depressors, but forgot to take them out of the car and my wife proceeded to take the car to the barn.  So, I will not begin sealing tonight.20140125-185309.jpg


Everything all cleaned up. 20140125-185337.jpg

I bought some new toys, I mean tools, from Amazon.  Soldering iron with adjustable temperature and stand. Also 4 different tip sizes. 20140125-185348.jpg

Heat gun and reflectors. 20140125-185358.jpg

The tank sealant and digital scale are waiting.20140125-185411.jpg

I also rearranged my shop furniture in anticipation of the next stage.  Squire is excited to begin sealing. 20140125-185422.jpg


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