Fuel Tanks 1 (4.0 hrs)

Well, I’ll start at the end.  I messed this up!  If you are reading this and getting ready to do the z-brackets, make sure you do your homework first.  I was so eager to get moving after my hiatus, I rushed this a little bit and I’m going to have to replace the two innermost z-brackets.  Research the “Checkoway Method” and use that.  Here’s a good link. 

Van’s instructions on this particular step are not good.  So I went to my buddy Mike’s site to see how he did it.  As soon as I started reading, I could tell he didn’t follow Van’s instructions, but I didn’t take the time to fully figure out exactly how he did it….  As a result of my rush, I will not have the proper edge distance on my two inner most brackets.  Oh well.

I’m not going to re-write the whole method as I’ve not yet done it myself, but I will say this about the brackets.  Offset the holes slightly toward the web to allow better clearance for the pop rivet puller.  HOWEVER, the innermost (here’s what I did not do) brackets need to be offset AWAY from the web in order to allow a socket head to fit over the bolt.  Additionally, the rivet holes attaching to the tank will be better positioned with that offset.

Since I messed up the two z-brackets, I decided to move on to the tank construction.  The instructions tell you to make the stiffeners at this point.  That can probably wait till later, but heck, I might as well do it now.  And that brings up to my current progress. 20131221-174553.jpg

All marked and ready for drilling.  Sorry, no pictures of the end result.  I’ll post some next time. 20131221-174600.jpg

Here are the completed stiffeners. 20131221-174608.jpg

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