Fuel Tanks 2 (1.5 hrs)

After realizing I had messed up two of the z-brackets, I did the proper research on the Checkoway Method for installing the tanks.  When I have finished fitting the tanks and the z-brackets, I will be sure to write a concise summary of the method.  For now, I needed to assemble the fuel tanks, including baffles to fit to the wings.  This will allow me to ensure proper fit and alignment.  This evening I assembled the right fuel tank and started on the left.  Upon fitting the right fuel tank to the wing, I confirmed that all of my z-brackets should be good, except the inner most one, whose rivets will be outside the proper edge distance parameters.  Given that this is the root z-bracket which will have the most load, I will definitely be ordering a replacement on Monday.  Here are some pictures of the process. 20131221-200119.jpg



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