Wings 13 (1.0 hr)

The past 6 weeks have been insanely busy…. I can’t remember being this busy in quite some time.  In addition to my normal work, and long commute, I also had two finals for my MBA and two large group projects.  On top of that, I knocked out my biannual flight review and instrument proficiency check at Fort Meade Flying Activity.  The club is for DOD patrons only, and has 10 aircraft with great rental rates.  I got checked out in the Piper Arrow which is setup as a very nice IFR cross country machine with a 3 axis autopilot and dual Garmin 430s.

So, now that class is over, I have two weeks over the holidays to try and hit it hard with the project.  Here I finished the match drilling of both wings’ leading edges.  I also used a unibit and file to drill out the tie down holes (pictured below). 20131221-174449.jpg


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