Ailerons 2 (3.5 hrs)

First up on today’s to do list, removing the blue protective plastic with the soldering iron. Sometimes I don’t want to do this. It’s much quicker to just rip it all off, but then I remind myself that the extra protection is worth the extra time. IMG_5713.JPG

I do, however, remove the entire vinyl from the inside of the aileron skin. IMG_5714.JPG


Next time to cleco and label the aileron stiffeners in place. IMG_5716.JPG

I label each stiffener from left to right with a number and a T for top or bottom. I actually use all 16 numbers so I know 1 to 8 are bottom and 9 to 16 are top. I also mark the skins where one begins and 16 ends. IMG_5717.JPG

At first glance, the left and right aileron skins appear to be identical and perfectly symmetrical, meaning they could go either way. They are NOT identical. The bottoms of each aileron will have one section of three rivet holes that are closer together.IMG_5720.JPG

Additionally the alignment of the outer edge rivet holes is different. This is for the aileron hinge. You can see the difference in the two corners below. IMG_5721.JPG

IMG_5722.JPGFinally I intended to dimple the skins and the stiffeners, however, in the move to the hangar I seem to be missing the pole to my c-frame and my male 3/32″ dimple die.  Very frustrating. Every session this weekend has had an issue, but its to be expected in a new shop.

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