Ailerons 1 (3.5 hrs)

Since I decided to finish the ailerons before the flaps… its time to work on the ailerons.  First step is stiffeners.  Always a lot of work for whats seems like little reward.  First step is to remove the blue plastic.IMG_5702.JPGNext up its time to mark the areas to be cut and removed.  The aileron stiffeners are a little easier than the elevators and rudder because these are all identical.  I mark the areas to be removed with Xs to make sure I cut on the correct side of the line.  After fifteen of these and multiple cuts with the die grinder and cutting discs its easy to lose track. You could probably use a set of tin snips, but I prefer the cutting disc.  Snips tend to cause slight bends. IMG_5703.JPG

IMG_5704.JPGAfter cutting all of the stiffeners its time to hit them with the scotchbrite wheel.  I round all of the edges and remove the notches with the hard disc, and then I use the light wheel to give it a final once over. There are 32 stiffeners.  16 per aileron so it takes awhile to do this properly. IMG_5705.JPGI forgot to post my new toys from Harbor Freight.  Two new hoses for the air compressor.  The orange one was originally intended to be a backup, but the hose and reel below still needs a few attachments to work.  Additionally, I’ll need to figure out where to mount the reel. IMG_5707.JPG


A picture of the hangar dog!IMG_5709.JPG

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