Ailerons 3 (3.5 hrs)

Today I set about dimpling and cleaning up the skins and stiffeners. First, I hit each of the 32 stiffeners with the scotchbrite pad.  Its easier to do before dimpling, and doesn’t ruin the pad as quickly. IMG_5734.JPG

Next, I dimpled each stiffener. IMG_5735.JPG


Then it was time to do the skins.  Well, wouldn’t you know it.  My tables were not very level, and in the midst of my 5th dimple, I slipped and made an extra hole.  I was pretty pissed off, but $45 later a new skin is on its way.  Its not a major set back.  The mistake could be repaired, but I’d prefer to have a pristine aileron. IMG_5737.JPG

The right skin came out perfectly. IMG_5738.JPG

The two part epoxy primer I have doesn’t produce overspray at all.  The primer dries so fast all you get is a lot of dust.  Despite this, I’m a little leery to even give the impression that there could be overspray while residing at the airport.  I don’t want to create any bad blood.  If I was alone in the hangar that would be one thing, but I’m not.  And while I can easily pull my hangar mate’s plane outside and close the door, I have so little priming left to do I can easily do it elsewhere.  This being the case, I continued work on the remainder of the aileron.  I deburred the edges and lightening holes of the spars.   IMG_5739.JPG

Removed all the blue vinyl and deburred every part I could get my hands on. IMG_5740.JPG


I also fabricated the spar reinforcement plates. IMG_5742.JPG

Be careful.  Not all of the holes are #30.  Some are #40. IMG_5743.JPG

The final product.  On Tuesday I plan to prime at my Uncle’s and then I will continue the aileron fabrication. IMG_5744.JPG

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