Ailerons 16 (6.0 hrs)

Today I set about drilling the remainder of the aileron push rods. First I measured the circumference of the tube using a post-it note. I then divided that number by 6 to get the appropriate spacing and made marks for each rivet hole location. (IGNORE the math, as measured incorrectly on the first pass, and forgot to take a picture of the correct post-it note. The principle is the same though.)

Then I used another bit of post it note to hold the rod ends in place for the first drill before using a cleco. I decided to prime after drilling everything instead of before.

I set up a makeshift jig to ensure the rod was centered. I should have done this for the shorter rods too. 

I had to slightly adjust the position of the jig base so that there was room for the clecos.

Next I setup for priming by scuffing the surfaces with scotch bright and then cleaning with acetone. I used the rudder hinge pin to push the acetone cheese cloth through the pushrods. I then taped the ends and poured AKZO into each pipe and shook. I repeated this process a couple times and then primed the outsides with the HVLP gun.

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