Ailerons 15 (1.5 hrs)

Tonight I reamed the bell crank bushings. I ordered a 0.2490 reaming bit off of Amazon. The bolts are slightly undersized. There is no need to go the full 0.25 inches. Further if you ream with a regular bit you could scar the inside of the bushing. Remember the bell crank rotates about the bushing. The bushing does not rotate around the bolt. Since this will connect to the control stick, I’d like to keep tolerances as tight as possible so that the controls have minimal slop over the life of the aircraft.

To ream the bushing, I drilled a hole in a 2/4 with the drill press the same size as the bushing outer diameter. I then put the bushing in the hole, and reamed the center, using the 2×4 as a jig.

Next I drilled the short aileron push rods. Be careful these can be a bit tricky. 

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