Ailerons 12 (1.0 hr)

So it looks like I’ll be moving to a new hangar… one with a concrete floor!  There are two available and I’ve decided to move into this one.  As a bonus its just across from Bullock’s Tool Lending Emporium which is perfect for a sponge like me. IMG_5887.JPG

This evening I started the assembly of the left aileron. First up was attaching the counterweight to the nose ribs.IMG_5889.JPG

Then I riveted the spar reinforcement plates and plate nut to the spar. IMG_5890.JPG


Then it was time to put the aileron in my little jig / stand.IMG_5893.JPG


I started to rivet the top of the spar, but I didn’t get far as I didn’t have the time or the energy this evening. IMG_5895.JPG


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