Ailerons 13 (2.0 hrs)

I continued where I left off on the top spar.  This is a pain in the butt. Here you can see my flashlight illuminating the rivets already completed. IMG_5899.JPG

After I finished the top of the spar, it was time to rivet the tops of the nose ribs. And the main ribs. IMG_5900.JPG

Then it was time to move on to the bottom. I dip each pop rivet in primer prior to riveting the counterweight pipe.  Additionally, I fixed Mike’s pneumatic pop rivet tool.  It works pretty well, but boy does it leak oil.IMG_5901.JPG

A few pictures of the final product.  Ailerons are complete!  There isn’t a lot left to do on the wings!IMG_5902.JPG



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