Showplanes Fastback

I had gone back and forth on whether or not to do a Showplanes Fastback conversion for some time. Last summer’s trip to Oshkosh sealed the deal. Today I took the plunge and ordered the kit. I’m told the lead time is approximately 8 weeks.

If you’d like to learn more about the kit, visit the Showplanes website here. 

So, why a Showplanes Fastback? What are the advantages? Who cares? As I said, I’d waffled on this decision for some time. Like many decisions there are pros and cons. For me the biggest positive is a clear unobstructed view while flying. I’m paying a lot of money, and I want a room with a view. You also need to keep in mind when building an RV that despite your best efforts you will not be unique. There are literally thousands of planes out there that bare an uncanny resemblance to your own, especially if you paint your plane in only primary colors or heaven forbid white. (Come on people… its not a Cessna)  With the fast back, at least you’re a little unique!

Other positives include a better seal for drafty winter flying, access to the avionics area, and slightly enlarged rear baggage area. Negatives include a lack of protection from bird strikes, and cool factor during taxi. Opponents of the fastback will say they never notice the roll bar in front of them. And yes, its minor. (Again, money.. room with a view) Fans of the standard slider will also frequently say “But you can’t have your arm draped over the side like an old time fighter pilot as you taxi!” To which I simply reply, “I plan to spend more time flying than taxiing” An that, simply put, is all there is to say.

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