Fuselage 2 (2.0 hrs)

I managed to squeeze in some hangar time mid-week! It was perfect weather for it too. I have multiple projects that are just hanging right now. I need to finish the landing gear alignment, rivet the bottom skins, finish the second fuel tank, and install the flaps and ailerons. Since the landing gear and the bottom skins are going to require a second set of hands, and I’m waiting on proseal for the tanks, I decided to start work on the interior of the cockpit. First up, the pilot’s seatback.

The first step is to cut the seat back angles. This is very similar to the way in which elevator or tank stiffeners are cut. One end of the primary angle on each side needs to be notched. Again, done just like any other stiffener. There are two additional angles for the top and bottom. You can see all of them here after cutting and deburring.  

The setback itself doesn’t require much. There are two tabs that need to be cut off and cleaned up for the lap harness to come through. The dremel made quick work of these.    

Deburring the seat back edges is a little tricky with all the different corners and angles. If you have the softer scotchbrite wheel, this is a perfect use for it. If you don’t, get one! Mine made quick work of this. Then I had to setup the hinge for the bottom of the seat. One hole is measured and drilled, and that allows you to mount the hinge in parallel and match drill the remainder.       

The last step is to put it all together and match drill. After this, the next step will be priming and riveting. I will hold off on that until; 1) I have a lot of interior parts stacked up, and 2) I decide on the type of primer and paint to use on the interior. I’m planning a dark grey interior, and I will most likely use a locally available auto paint. I might however have a few of the high wear areas powder coated. My final act for the day was to set out the parts for the passenger seat. The top part cannot be completed until I receive the Showplanes Fastback kit, but I can still do the bottom part. I’ve got Jack Savage coming to help me on Saturday with the gear alignment. If I can get enough hands to do the bottom skins, I will be back to the cockpit in no time. June is going to be a slow month. Lots of work Travel.   

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