Main Fuselage

Fuselage 40 – Battery tray

Very cold in the hangar today. Its very windy with flurries. My heater can handle the cold, but the wind really takes its toll on the heat. Even at 175,000 BTU it struggled with the wind whiping the way it was.

That said, I didn’t do a lot. I’m somewhat struggling to find tasks to do. I really want to paint the interior of the cockpit before proceeding much further, or I’ll have to remove and reinstall many items. So, I’m picking up small miscellanerous tasks. Another great project to start will be the horizontal stab service bulletin.

Anyways, tonight two quick tasks. First, I completed the rear mounted battery tray. Pretty quick. img_9505.jpeg

Second, I drilled, dimpled, and deburred the empennage access plates.