Fuselage 6 (3.0 hrs)

First up today I added more RTV to each of the conduit-rib intersections, until I was comfortable with the result.  

On the other side I plan to use proseal. Not particularly happy with the RTV result. We’ll see what it looks like in a week or so.   

In order to install the flap actuator bearing blocks, I need to file off a portion of the rear passenger lap belt attachment points in order to fit the bolts in place. (Van’s says this is ok)       

The bearing blocks are made from plastic and are a real pain in the ass to work with. I used a drill press to drill the holes. Be careful, the blocks themselves may not be perfectly true straight from Van’s. I had one hole that was slightly askew. I used a dremel to trim the corners per the plans. The results are shown below.     

Next it was time for more match drilling of the floor parts and the stiffeners.     

I drilled the angle shown below for a nutpate. This will attach the bracket used for the rear control stick.     

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