Fuselage 18 – Rudder pedals

While ago I began installation of the rudder pedals, but ran into a problem. That post can be found here: http://papalimabravo.com/construction/fuselage/fuselage-16

The problem was the rivets on the angles underneath the rudder pedal angles were not located in the same relative position as that show in the diagrams. If I followed the diagrams I would either be in gross violation of edge distance, or I’d be leaving out a rivet entirely. I decided to get new rudder pedal angles, and drill just one rivet for each end show here. These will get the BSPQ5-4 rivets in each.

This resulted in the angles being just slightly closer than the 15 1/4 inch, however, I was careful to move the rudder pedals along as I drilled ensuring the match drill process accounted for their movement and could accommodate them at any position comfortably. Problem solved!

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