Fastback 7 (4.0 hrs)

When I attached the forward skin yesterday there were a few items I ignored in favor of focusing on the skin modifications. First among these were the baggage door support strips, that I had not included. I reattached the skin with these in place so they could be match drilled. 

Next I included the baggage door support rib and spacer. These require a dimple to the firewall.

The next bit is a little bit tricky. You need to clamp the F-821afb in place even with the new cut in the forward fuselage skin. Getting this perfectly even and centered can be done through multiple trial and error, as you can’t be assured that its even until you have a lot of clamps on place. The trick I used was to get it as reasonably close as my eyeball could get it. Then I marked the center of both parts (shown in red ink.) Next I measured the amount of offset, which was approximately 1/32 of an inch. I unclamped the part, adjusted the red marks 1/32″ and reclaimed. Easy day!
  After it was clamped in place, I began drilling and clecoing from the center out.

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