Trim Tab 6 (1.0 hr)

Last night I was going to get done what I wound up doing tonight, but when I arrived in the garage I realized I had quite the mess of tools and very little room to work.  So I cleaned up quickly and called it a night. Tonight I finished match drilling the trim tab hinge.  Here you can see the hinge clamped in place prior to drilling.  After I completed drilling I deburred and cleaned all the parts. All that remains for the trim tab is to rivet and install!20130814-195425.jpg

I decided to give the rattle can self etching primer a try for these small parts.  A time saver for sure, but I’m not particularly a big fan.  The trim tab is easy to pull off and inspect for corrosion so I’m not as concerned about using the time intensive and better AKZO primer.  20130814-195431.jpg

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