Trim Tab 5 (2.0 hrs)

Rib-let fabrication.  Part two.  I was determined that my second attempt at a proper rib let would be my last attempt, and thankfully it was.  I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Using the measurements I made previously, I drew the angle out on a piece of paper and used that to mark the .020 aluminum sheet to make sure that the web and flanges had the correct angles.  I made the rib longer than needed so that I could slowly trim it down to where I was happy with it.  The point of the rib towards the trailing edge was the only part that was off, and only by a hair.  With a little work and magic I was able to get a very good fit. The first two photos show the result of my bend.  I used a pair of seamers and a block of wood to make the bends. 20130812-192857.jpg


Here is one of the two clamps I used to hold it in place for the first hole to be drilled.  20130812-212124.jpg

Here is the end result after drilling and dimpling.  Its just a tiny rib, so I’m more than OK with using pop rivets.  I want the concave side of the rib inside so that the elevator can eventually be closed with epoxy / fiberglass (when I learn what all of that is about).  Regardless, the flat edge out looks better IMHO.  N888PB’s mascot is of course posing in the background. 20130812-212131.jpg


Last note of the evening.  Mike was kind enough to give me the brackets he used for his wing stand.  Awesome!  This is definitely a time saver.  He also has the other wing stand for storage and completion of the leading edge and he said I could use that…. which will be an even bigger time saver.  Pictured below are the upper and lower brackets for one side of the wing stand.20130812-212143.jpg

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