Elevators 30 (4.0 hrs)

I really hated rolling leading edges until today.  Well, I still hate it, but not as much.  I’ve been using a pipe given to me by another builder that is about 1″ in diameter.  It works well, but I was still getting a ripple. My solution was to use two pipes.  A smaller diameter pipe, and the original 1″ pipe.  I started with the smaller pipe and make sure that the edge got a good bend and then moved up to the larger pipe.  This worked extremely well.

Here in the first photograph you can see my first attempt with rather substantial wrinkling between the clecos.


And here are the results using two pipes for the roll.  What a difference!  I don’t call anything perfect, but this is darn close!


I redid the original bend with the smaller pipe and was able to take out many of the wrinkles, but now all as you can see here. 20130921-141821.jpg

Completed products.20130921-141834.jpg


I temporarily installed the elevators onto the horizontal stab for storage.  They’re on backwards I might add, but it was easier to put them on this way with the way I had the bench setup.  Its just temporary so it doesn’t matter.  There are still several items to complete on the empennage but they seem to make more sense for when its attached to the fuselage.  (Things like the elevator trim servo, drilling the horns, etc)20130921-141856.jpg

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