Elevators 28 (4.0 hrs)

So today I basically completed the left elevator.  I finished deburring, dimpled, and riveted the entire structure.  I also bent the tabs.  Finally I began a little bit of setting up for the trim tab.  I forgot to prime two small parts.  Damn.  Well, now I really need to invest in some rattle can primer because I’m certainly not setting up the primer for two parts the size of my palm.

Those damn elevator tabs are a complete pain in the ass.  That said, they are done, airworthy, and that’s all I need.  They aren’t as pretty as I’d like, but at the RV Gathering I inspected this on multiple aircraft… So I don’t feel so bad now, as there were many that weren’t perfect, but it never mattered as the only way you can notice is to bend down and inspect the tabs.  Even then… its really a trivial matter.

Ok, so all that really remains for me to do, is properly attach and trim the counterweights, and the trim tab hinge and mounting, and I’ll be able to call the empennage complete. 20130728-195002.jpg

I need to get a better cart, and start using it.  I’m tired of my tools getting spread out on my workbenches and taking up all my work space.  Looks like  a trip to HF is in order.20130728-195010.jpg

My wife was helping me today.  She was working the clecos and putting rivets in for me to squeeze.  In the process she took some photos of my working.  Its pretty rare to see me in any photos on this blog as I’m the only one taking photos… and probably the only one reading these posts for that matter…!20130728-195023.jpg



Pop rivets.  So easy. 20130728-195054.jpg

The final product. 20130728-195100.jpg

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