Hangar Cleanup

Last week, with the help of other EAA members, I was able to move the contents of my hangar from hangar 5 to my new residence in hangar 51. Moving is one thing, unpacking and reorganizing is another thing.

I took the opporotunity to take care of twho things that have been on my list for quite some time. First, I build a pegboard frame for behind my main work bench. I simply made a frame from 2x4s and 3 inch screws. Currently, the only thing preventing the pegboard from falling over is the workbench.  Its a very heavy and solid work bench, so its not in danger of falling, but I will need to secure it a little bit better.IMG_6220.JPG

Here you can see the shop after clean up.IMG_6224.JPG

Several months ago, I bought an air hose reel from Harbor Freight.  Unfortunately, I did not think to buy the additional hose required to hook it to the compressor at the time. Well after a long wait, I finally knocked out that small project too.  Having the reel is fantastic.  I love the new shop setup! I also bought a power strip with switches for each plug.  This way I can ensure I don’t pop a fuse and I can turn on lights and such with the flick of a central switch.IMG_6218.JPG


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