The Snyder Family

My good buddy Zack is very interested in aviation. Awhile back we were able to arrange to do some flying in West Virginia I flew to Pittsburgh for work, and extended the trip into the weekend. Zack drove up from Indiana and we hung out for the weekend and flew over some sights in WV. Since then Zack’s interest in aviation has increased. I told him if he wants to fly the helo with me, he better not delay, as I’ll probably stop flying the helo this fall or next spring and refocus back on fixed wing. Zack arranged a trip for him and his family out from Indiana. Zack’s parents live in the area still so he was able to make a nice outing of it.

I met them in the R-22 at Westminster airport. First up, the kids wanted to go for rides – and I was happy to accommodate. Victor negotiated with Violet to be the first passenger. When I take kids, I don’t like to take them far. I find it best to make the flight short, stay near the airport, and stay in sight of the parents. Parents feel more calm being able to see their kids. I feel better being in the airport environment. And, if a kid doesn’t like the flight we can end it quickly. All that said, I haven’t yet had a kid in the helicopter who did anything other than grin ear to ear and ask questions. Kids can be amazingly fearless and happy. Adults seem a lot quicker to be nervous about the experience!

You can see Victor is quite excited! All in all I gave rides to Victor, Violet, Margie, Zack, and Steve. It was a great intro for all. I wish I had more time for longer introductions, but I think all were thrilled.











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