Eastern shore R-22 with Steven

I knew my buddy Steven would enjoy a helicopter ride, so I had targeted making that happen for awhile. Unfortunately, weather and schedules kept interfering, but we were able to finally make it happen. I flew from Frederick and picked Steven up at KFME – Tipton. Tipton is inside the SFRA, and for helicopters sometimes we are too low for us to pick up Potomac on the radio properly. I’ve learned to call ahead before entering and to also get tower out of Frederick to assist with the entry rather than having to climb for clearance. A couple of the frequencies work better than others – so when I get a switch to a frequency that I know doesn’t work well down low, I just request to remain that frequency due to reception at that altitude. The controllers are very accommodating – helicopters down low don’t really register very high on their list of concerns.

I also have to give a shout out to the FBO folks at Tipton. They did an awesome job. They grabbed Steven and let me know where to meet them on the apron via unicom as I approached. They drove Steven out to meet me. It was a very painless process and very convenient. Excellent work from their staff.

Steven and I proceeded east bound over the bay to KESN – Easton and Sugar Buns cafe – one of my favorite airport food spots in the area. The return trip was a reciprocal of the flight out. Great day of flying!


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