Frederick Lunch Flight

I recently completed my biannual flight review (BFR) and instrument proficiency check (IPC) at Fort Meade Flying Activity.  Two of my friends from work wanted to go flying, so I took them to lunch at Airways Inn, Frederick Airport.  I flew the club’s Piper Arrow, a 2002 model with retractable gear and 200HP.  It costs a little bit more, but I find it much more enjoyable to fly that the Cessnas.  Unfortunately, we wound up running short on time and had to rush to make it back to Fort Meade in time for the next renter… but now that I’m a little more aware of how long it takes us to eat, I’ll have the schedule down a little bit better the next time.  With the exception of Matt’s bad burger for lunch… the flight was a lot of fun.  Its always great to fly… even more so with some friends.

Here’s a video of the flight on YouTube. 

Here are Matt and Wes next to the Arrow just before loading up and taking off.



On the ground just prior to taxi.


Wes sat shotgun on the way out.

Wes & Peter

Here’s a picture of the approach into Frederick.


Matt sat shotgun on the way back.


I let Matt take the controls for a little while on the return flight.  He did pretty well!

IMG_20140117_131118  IMG_20140117_132826

The monolith from 2001 Space Odyssey….


Who the heck is this??


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