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Being lazy, I have still not added the charter members to the EAA Chapter 1384 website for the First Mid-Atlantic Gathering of RV’s held in July. Jack met me at the airport to give me the registration documents so I could add the names. Of course, going to the airport always results in plenty of hangar talk and Jack asked if I had time to go for a flight. I always have time for a flight! I told Jack I’d buy him lunch at the Airways Inn in Frederick so off we went.

The first two photographs are of Jack’s beautifully restored 1975 Triumph TR6 in British racing green. Fantastic automobile. 20130831-163837.jpg


Here is Jack’s RV-8 which has been on this blog previously. You can see he has added the RV Gathering sticker to the fuselage just forward of the canopy.20130831-163856.jpg

Here’s a shot of Jack flying from the GIB’s (guy in back) point of view. 20130831-163911.jpg

We met another RV builder at Airway’s inn, Rob, who invited us to see his RV-4 nearing completion. 20130831-163921.jpg

Next door was a Ford Tractor Blue RV-12 also nearing completion.20130831-163930.jpg

These allow the aircraft to be moved sideways for storing two aircraft in one hangar and allowing each plane to be easily taken in and out. Unfortunately this design doesn’t work if you have wheel pants, but its gotten me thinking about some potential solutions. I want to find a hangar mate to reduce hangar costs and a little basic welding should make a good solution… I’ll have to give this some more thought down the line.20130831-163937.jpg


Here’s a self shot with the canopy open during taxi. Today was typical east coast weather… hazy and humid. Perfect weather for a slider canopy.20130831-164006.jpg

A few shots of the quarry in Frederick, MD.20130831-164017.jpg


Jack’s TR6, and RV-8 with Alan’s RV-4. 20130831-164036.jpg


I used my cheap MotionX GPS on my iPhone again to record the flight stats. According to Jack’s stats we burned about 6.5 GPH and that comes out to about 26 – 28 MPG with a 190 HP IO-360. Not too shabby! I like the ECI kit engine choice. On the way back, Jack gave me some stick time. As always, the RV’s are impressive. Light and responsive I was able to fly with two fingers. The stick position in the rear seat is perfect. Great fun!20130831-164329.jpg



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