Wings 5 (7.0 hrs)

Here are the wing ribs prior to priming.  Squire is, as always, extremely excited to be part of the priming process.  If only I could get him to use the HVLP gun. Due to my poor estimation of primer required, priming took more than twice as long as it should have.  I really should take notes so I can properly estimate these things…. 20131027-144855.jpg

My first batch of primer got me almost half way. In a previous post, I mentioned some poor performance of the HVLP gun.  After the thorough cleaning and care I gave it last week, it performed better than it ever has, and I couldn’t be happier with this priming job!20131027-144906.jpg

Finally the ribs and spars are hung on the wing stand!  The outboard ribs still need to be fitted as I don’t have the main spars correctly attached to the stand.  I wanted to see how everything looked first, and give it some thought before proceeding.  Regardless, I’m very happy with the progress this weekend.  Now I need to redo the tie down brackets, and order conduit. 20131027-174821.jpg


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