Wings 40 (2.0 hrs)

In this session I worked to finish the bell crank routing. I received my new conduit so I added that to the mix. In the first photo you can see I decided on an amalgamation of the ideas I had previously toyed with. I have complete clearance of all tubes regardless of the orientation of the bell crank. This includes two areas at the extremes of bell crank movement indicated with the arrows. 

As you can see there is clearance on both ends.  

I created two brackets that will affix where the bell crank mounts to the spar. One for the green tube and one for the conduit. I used an adel clamp for the blue tubing.      

It might look convoluted, but there is very little stress on any of the tubing… gentle turns. And more importantly there is absolutely no interference with the bell crank under any circumstance. Its important to note that the travel of the bell crank will not be a large when connected to the ailerons, and so I have even more clearance than shown here.

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