Wings 20 (4.0 hrs)

My wife and I are moving soon, and as such, this weekend was taken up with multiple activities that did not involve working on my project.  I was able to get a little time in the shop on Sunday.

In that time, I dimpled all of the leading edge ribs and wing splice plates.  I also drilled the wings splices for the nutplates and then dimpled appropriately.  Finally, I began deburring all of the wing skin edges and scuffing the surfaces to be primed with scotchbrite pads.

I clamped the hand squeezer to the table to make dimpling easy. 20140407-062528.jpg

Here you can see the nutplate drilling jig that I used to drill the nut plate attachment points. 20140407-062537.jpg


One of my 3/32″ dies has had one edge removed for close quarters dimpling such as is required here.  You want to make sure you don’t ruin the center dimple with the outer dimple and or vice versa. 20140407-062600.jpg

I also dimpled all of the nutplates for attachment. 20140407-062612.jpg

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